Sleep Deprived?


Annie likes to eat laying down — it's very cute to watch her.

I've been working with her on basic training and she's doing pretty good.  She's easily distracted outside and by other dogs, and needs lots of leash training.  She's also a runner, and looks for any opportunity to get out.  That's already happened twice this week.  She didn't get far, but I did have to go and get the car to get her (and Zachary the 2nd time).  She came right to me.  So, I'm going to need some other training besides the basic stuff to figure out why she runs.  It could be to get rid of some excess energy.

I'm running on empty these days, and feel so tired I can barely keep my eyes open.  I think I need some serious exercise first thing in the morning, and also this school schedule on Mondays & Wednesdays is brutal.  Just about six weeks to go for school, and definitely won't be loading myself up like that again.

Have a good weekend!

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