Slot Canyons Workshop Day #3, Part II

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Sunset shoot yesterday at the Finns at Waterholes Canyon.  It is on Navajo private land, and only accessible through Slot Canyon Hummer Adventures (the same outfit that took us on the wild ride through the desert in the Hummers).

This photography workshop has been an amazing experience.  I have been challenenged in ways I never thought possible, and succeeded in making some rather long and difficult hikes (for me) trudging through sand and up hills and steep inclines (all with my camera back pack and tripod).  I just took my time and went at my own pace, and it worked out totally fine.

I have also met some amazing photographers on this adventure.  Richard Maack is our professional photographer leading this workshop and his images are nothing short of breathtaking.  Check out the galleries on his website, especially the ones from Antartica and the Gallapogos Islands.

There is also a college student, Chikku Baju, on this trip who won a spot in this workshop through a photography contest.  He has also won a photo contest sponsored by Canon.  His work is also just amazaing.  Chikku has such great eye for composing shots that I like to follow him around and shoot exactly what he is shooting.  Check out his photo galleries as well.  I have a feeling I'll be seeing Chikku's name again in some glossy magazine in the future.

Now off for sunrise shooting at a place called Big Cut, and more photo opportunities in the slot canyons later today.

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