Slot Canyons Workshop, Day #3

Horseshoe Bend this morning with my fish eye lens and the light just hitting the far reaches of the canyon.  It was a cloudy morning, and the hike is up hill all the way from the bend and then a steep incline back to the parking lot.  

Some of my fellow workshop participants with their cameras all set up ready to catch the sun breaking through the clouds and light up the canyon rim.  It didn't quite work out as planned, but I am really happy with my fisheye shot above.

Breakfast at Denny's, another download and critique, then off to photograph the Lower Antelope Canyon.

Several sets of steep steps to get into the canyon, carrying your camera and tripod.  Too narrow (and crowded) for camera backpacks.

Our driver, Kirk, who has been immensely helpful to me in carrying my tripod and making sure I don't fall down and break my neck.

Blowing sand captured in a sunbeam inside the canyon.

The beautiful reflections come from the sunlight bouncing off the walls of the canyon.

One of my favorite photos from today.  I just went through them quickly to pick some to post on the blog.  Now getting ready to go out for our sunset shoot at Water Holes Slot Canyons.

More photos to come tomorrow.

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  1. OMG…You must be in awe, can’t imagine what it must look like in person…it’s just so Beautiful there! Love following the pictures!

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