Slowly Getting Back to “Normal”

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See the rope hanging down?  Hikers leave ropes like that all over the Canyon to help other hikers get in and out of tight spaces.

I'm editing photos from the last day of the trip.  Out of about 1500 photos that I've gone through so far, I've only edited 150 to show to others and make prints of.  

I take WAY too many photos.

I have not taken a single photo since I got home.  I need a break from the camera. 

Very low key weekend, which I needed (to edit all of those photos).

Slowly staring to get back into my routines, and beginning to feel like myself again.

Zachary isn't feeling well, so I'm worried about him.  He's not eating.  Time to bring out the big guns and tempt his appetite with baby food mixed into his dog food.

First official paid photo shoot on Wednesday!  Head shots for a friend of mine's company in Annapolis.  Excited but also nervous.

Letting go of fear and foraging ahead kicking and screaming.  I don't know where all of this will lead, but I'm in proactive mode.

Stay tuned.

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