Small Steps Equals Big Results


(Death Valley National Park — October 2007)

It’s happening to me again – I am running around trying to do 20 things at once and in the process have 20 unfinished projects, and am wondering why I feel SO overwhelmed in the process.  Yesterday was one of those days spent waiting for people to come and do stuff here at the house – three different companies – some disappointing news that I have to switch from satellite to cable – and an interminably long wait on the phone with AirTran to get credit for an airline ticket I had paid for but they couldn’t find the credit on their system – I was really cranky.  Sound familiar?

I had to stop myself and take a few deep breaths and look around at what I had accomplished instead of what wasn’t done yet (this blog being among one of them ;-))  I also thought about the many, many things I am so very grateful for in my life, which helped me get rid of the “I want it all – and I want it all this minute” syndrome.

I used an old trick I learned from Fly Lady.  I set my timer for 15 minutes – and focused on that one task for that entire 15 minutes.  And another thing I did was give myself a break – and I sat on my patio for 15 minutes and was just present in those moments taking it all in,  how green the grass is, how fast it’s growing, the many varied species of birds that visit the feeders and bird bath, etc.

I also finished my first unit in the NYIP course – today’s photo was one of the assignments, the other two are here

Happy Sunday!

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