Snapshots of Today

DSC_5908 (6)

Self Portrait

(I’ll change my banner to March when I get home and pick up my computer from the shop.  This is the last ditch effort to get rid of the "blue screen of death."  If not, then it's time to start looking for a new computer).

So glad I missed the 8 plus inches of snow back home.  Thanks to my angel for shoveling my driveway and walkway and front porch…I owe you one.

Since Mom couldn’t be here with me in Florida, I’ve been finding things to explore on my own.  Yesterday I went up to Fort Pierce to visit an old friend that I had lost touch with several years ago.  It was SO good to see her and catch up with her life.  I am happy that she’s doing so well.

Today, I took both the digital and film cameras out today to do some shooting and as luck would have it, the batteries in the film camera were dead (lithium batteries and a trip to Wolf Camera to get new ones).  I went to Coconut Grove (a quaint neighborhood south of Miami) which has an eclectic mix of shops, restaurants and galleries.  It is also borders Biscayne Bay and I can’t resist visiting locations on the water. 

Here are some snapshots of today:

DSC_5910 DSC_5912

(Condom shopping and lunch all in the same block).

DSC_5917 (15) DSC_5920 (18)

DSC_5923 DSC_5932 (30)

DSC_5933 DSC_5938

DSC_5959 DSC_5958

(Fisheye lens)

DSC_5935 (33) DSC_5934

DSC_5962 (60) DSC_5964


Tomorrow it’s off to Flamingo Gardens

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