Snow Day!


We got a quick moving snow shower last night that left maybe and inch or two of the heavy snow that clings to everything, and creates a beautiful and magical scene.  So, I quickly got dressed this morning and headed out to snap some photos before the weight of the snow and the warmth of the sunshine caused all of the snow to fall off the trees and shrubs.

Now off to school (which doesn't open until noon) to get at least a couple of hours in the darkroom.  

I also discovered yesterday after many frustrating hours of trying to gain access to the administrative settings of my wireless router, that maybe it's just time to call it a day and buy a new one.  I reinstalled it and it appeared to work fine for a little while (as an unsecured network b/c I couldn't access the administrative tools), but this morning, it's back to the same old 2.0 mbps instead of 54.0 mbps.

Then this afternoon, back home to walk the dogs, and continue the tutorials on Photoshop and Illustrator.

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