So Thankful

DSC_4179Ginger is thankful for this pile of leaves on the front porch and the sunshine 😉 

Happy Thanksgiving!  I'm catching a little bit of the Macy's Thnksgiving Day Parade and waiting for my nails to dry before heading to my Dad & Marlene's for turkey and fixin's.

This year, (the entire year of 2008) has been a shift of consciousness for me and has created a whole new way of thinking, and I genuinely feel SO thankful for all of the goodness in my life, and believe it or not I'm even thankful for the not so good things that have happened because those circumstances have brought about necessary change for the better in my life.

In years past, I'd go through the motions, "Of course I'm thankful for whatever…" but I still felt something missing on the inside.  I really think through practice of being thankful even though I didn't necessarily feel it in that moment facilitated a shift on an emotional level to truly appreciate what is in the here and now.

I'm thankful for SO much in my life, I am so lucky and blessed.  I'd like to make special mention of the following that I'm especially thankful for:

  • breathing free for almost a year (and not gaining any weight — how awesome is that?????)
  • accepting what is instead of what I'd like it to be (SO much healthier and keeps me from dwelling on negative emotions)
  • being genuinely happy for other people's triumphs and successes
  • letting go and being still
  • my love of photography and telling stories
  • being happy in spite of it all (whatever "all" is — we can all find something wrong with everything, choose happiness in spite of it).
  • spending the day with people I care about, and calling the other members of my family that I won't be able to see today

That's my short list — so whatever you're doing on this Thanksgiving Day 2008, enjoy, be well, take some time to be thankful, and don't eat too much ;-)!

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