Some Things Just Break Your Heart


Right now, this beautiful girl you see above is the one breaking my heart.

She is homeless and she found her way to Heather's house who in the pet spirit world her and I are considered kindred spirits because homeless animals seem to gravitate towards us.  (Whispering voice) Go to Kathy…Go to Heather…so Heather called me today (and she is really sick) saying this dog showed up on her front porch and could I come over and possibly identify it.  (She lives 2 doors down from me BTW). 

So I went over, and saw this sweet girl, who is not starving but that's about it as far as care is concerned.  She has some serious skin condition going on, and the area near her tail is so scabbed up and she doesn't want you to touch it.  She also has scabs going up her back.  I doubt if she's been spayed, had a rabies shot or is on heartworm preventive or flea/tick control.  I am sure she is absolutely miserable, yet she is SO sweet.  She does have a choke chain collar on (which I think is cruel) but no tags to trace her owner. 

My feeling is she has mange (just from my own experience with Zachary's skin issues).  I don't think her owners were in a position to treat her and just dumped her.  Heather asked me if I would walk her around the neighborhood and ask if anyone recognized her.  The dog doesn't even know basic commands such as "sit," and has clearly never been taught to walk properly on a leash — in spite of the choke chain collar.  I wasn't too thrilled to find her owners anyway, and of course, I didn't.

Right now she is in a dog crate in my living room.  I can't let her have free roam of the house because I'm sure she hasn't been treated for even basic things and I can't expose my animals to any possible diseases (although they've all been vaccinated).   You can't be too careful in this situation.

I'm going to take her to the local animal hospital tomorrow and BEG them to treat her and adopt her out.  She's a young girl and that's defintely in her favor.  If I take her to the local SPCA they will send her immediately to the animal shelter because she is a stray and not an owner give up.

Wish me luck, and feel better, Heather.

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