Sorry I’m Late…

Wow, I haven't posted since Friday.  Not good.  Not on plan.  My little Nikon Cookpix broke, and I am lost without it.  No photos from the weekend when I was working at Paper Source in Bethesda.

DSC_8168 copy
I have been reading up on the rafting trip and getting ready.  There is a lot of stuff you need for a trip like this — stuff that's not already in your clothing arsenal.  I spent all day the other day collecting clothing and other items I'll be needing for the trip.

DSC_8169 copy
I have also been reading this book.  Very interesting and informative.

Jeep 2 copy
I was hoping to get the For Sale sign on the Jeep.  I took it to have it Maryland State Inspected.  It needs a lot of work to pass inspection 🙁  So not sure what to do now.

DSC_8162 copy
This is the 11"x11"x24" canvas bag that has to fit all of my clothing shoes, etc. for seven days.  I don't know how in the world I'm going to fit everything in something as small as an overnight bag.

DSC_8155 copy
You can always tell what Dexter is up to — he doesn't realize that his tail is sticking out….

DSC_8161 copy
He is SO darn cute!

Today I'm off to get more compact flash cards for my camera.  The photo workshop encourages us to shoot in RAW (which takes up a LOT of room.  On a 16GB Compact Flash card in Raw, my camera only has 589 pictures.  That's nothing when shooting on a photography seminar.  A trip to Penn camera or ordering online from B&H maybe in order.  


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