Sources of Inspiration and Learning


This is a photo from my "Favorites" file.  I took it in Yellowstone National Park in October 2006.  

Lately I'm on a mission to spark my own photographic creativity.  Here's a couple of my sources of inspiration:

Tom Chambers – LOVE this guy's work! 

Holly Roberts – This is an example of what I want to do with my old imperfect black and white 8×10 photos.

Santa Fe Workshops – This list of workshops — wow — I want to take them all!

Corcoran College of Art & Design – The continuing education workshops in photography are amazing.

On another note, a photo from my everyday life from the weekend:


So, I guess you can tell what I've been up to 😉  (Hopefully for the LAST time this year).  My yard is saturated and muddy and more rain is expected today 🙁

And, my last thought for the day, courtesy of Ali EdwardsYou have a choice about your attitude every single day.

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