Spring Around Here.

These are some things I came home with the other day.  Finally happily settled in back at home, and spring is here in its full regalia, and I love this time of year.  New beginnings, new life, new energy (well, the new energy part is sort of a work in progress at this point). 

I plant a combination of several annuals in containers that reside on my patio.  Now that the water to the outside spigot has been turned on (as of today), I can water everything with ease.  I get the inspiration of what to plant in my containers from Homestead Gardens.  Even if I don't buy all of my plants there, I take a look to see what they've got going on, and then I'll buy some plants there and then hit up Home Depot for the rest of the annuals.

For my perennials (plants that come back and bloom every year), I've learned the hard way to buy from a reputable nursery (such as Homestead Gardens).  With Home Depot or Lowe's it's hit or miss.

Also, another thing that got put out this weekend:

I put out the hummingbird feeders!  And the ruby throated hummingbirds have been visiting.  Will do my best to get photos in the near future using the techniques I learned in The Magic of Hummingbirds workshop.

Spring just makes me happy…

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