Spring Clean-up Begins

A lot of my planters didn't survive the winter 🙁 so time to clean out the old and in with some new pots.  My house is small, and there isn't a lot of room to store things like pots, but the plan is to clean out the shed this spring, and purge a lot of stuff and then hopefully I'll have more room to store things like pots out of the winter elements. 

some green sprouting out underneath the dead stuff which needs to be cut.

This winter cabbage has to go and so does this pot.  If I had moved this pot to the flower bed instead of leaving it sitting on the concrete, it would not have broken up like that.   Live and learn.  

So, a little sprucing up will make a BIG difference.  There are also a lot of sticks and branches all over the yard from the wind that need to be picked up and bagged for recycling.  I love seeing the little sprouts of green coming up from the ground and from some of the pots.  I need to plant some seeds, but nothing can be planted outside until after May 5th (the last frost date for this area).   

I love the renewal that spring brings.  It is such a hopeful time of year.

Correction from March 17th:  I have been calling the swans that winter here in the Chesapeake Bay trumpeter swans.  I am now fairly certain that they are tundra swans.  It is difficult to tell them apart, however, after researching the issue, tundra swans are much more prevalent in the Bay than trumpeter swans.  No matter what type of swans they are, I still love photographing them and watching them, and miss them when they fly away in the spring.

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