Spring: The Time of New Beginnings

These are sunflowers that I planted as seeds about a week ago.  Yesterday, they just popped open, ready to begin their journey here with me this summer.  

Spring is an exciting time, a time of renewal, a time of reflection, a time of starting over.  Just like the sunflowers above, I am ready to spring open.  I had an epiphany last night, and I am ready to make some much needed changes in my life regarding lifestyle habits.

Yesterday, I met a friend for lunch on Capitol Hill, where I worked for many years.  I can’t believe it now, but I have been gone from the Hill longer than the time I worked there.  It was so surreal being there, I felt strange being there, like walking through a fog, so much vaguely familiar, and so much that is different.  One thing that hasn’t changed though, is the beauty of spring on Capitol Hill:

DSC_1863 DSC_1862DSC_1858This azalea was huge, bigger than me.  I wonder how long it’s been there?

I’m ready to roll up my sleeves and embrace my new beginning.

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