Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone


Photo taken January 18, 2008 in my neighborhood (I am very grateful for the view).

Butterfly Update: Today, three more butterflies were in the castle!  There was a cocoon that had become unattached and was laying in the dirt, so I hot glued the very bottom of the cocoon to a stick and  hoped for the best — and that was one of the butterflies that came out of its cocoon!  Now I know what to do if the cocoons form too close together in the future, move it and hot glue it to another location!  It was too cold today to release the butterflies — they are very lethargic in the cool weather.  I think that’s all of the butterflies for now — but stay tuned for more updates!

Update on satellite receivers:  took them to Staples today for recycling — and they charged me $10 for each receiver — bummer and really takes the incentive to recycle away for most people, when they can throw it away for free 🙁 .

It’s good to step away from what’s comfortable and familiar and try something different.  “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway,” as Susan Jeffers, Ph.D. said in her book of the same name many years ago – and the wisdom she shared with us is timeless, and especially resonates today with ever more awareness on the mind body connection.

I’ve been feeling that way lately about my scrapbooking and photography – trying something new – something that energizes my creativity – maybe it’s time to work in my art journal for awhile – a place just for me to try new techniques and then incorporate them into other mediums.  I’m feeling a little stale – everything always being matched in color or monochromatic tones is getting boring.  It’s my safety net.  I saw a class that I would LOVE to take in January 2009 – “Journaling and Beyond.”  I’ve also been reading "Designer Scrapbooks with April Cornell."  She includes a lot of watercolor drawings on her scrapbook pages and lets them tell the story instead of the photos.  Scrapbooking with fabric is also getting a lot of attention lately with Donna Downey’s new book, Fabric Scrapbooking.


On my walk today, there were lots of puddles after all of the rain – how cool to take pictures of the reflections in the puddles?  These are places that don’t have reflections for very long – just until the puddles dry up.  The above photo was taken in January after we had some rain.  I need to take the camera out again after the rain stops falling.

With that thought – have a great weekend!  (And step out of your comfort zone!)  And, Happy Mothers Day to all the Moms out there!

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