Subtle Signs of Spring

DSC_2088 copyThis was the view of the sunrise yesterday through the fog in Florence, South Carolina.

I was on the road yesterday morning by 7:00 a.m. I stopped for lunch at Cracker Barrel (it's tough eating healthy on the road, and I know that's no excuse) about 11:00 a.m. and finally made it home by 2:30 p.m.

The lush and tropical green of South Florida was gone for sure, but the sun was warm and the temperature in the 60s <happy sigh> and I found subtle but definite signs of spring in my own yard:

DSC_2093 copy DSC_2098 copyDSC_2097

One thing I wasn't so pleased to see was this:

DSC_2099 copy copyApparently, there were some pretty high winds while I was away, which just ripped my butterfly castle to shreds 🙁  The cocoons appear to be okay, but time will tell.  Definitely need to order a new butterfly castle for this year's crop of butterflies, as well as some milkweed for the Monarchs.

Now, it's time to unpack, and get settled back into a routine.

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  1. When the little green spikes of the tulips and the hyacinth poke through, Spring is definitely on its way. I actually have the same thing happening in front of my house. Sorry about the castle.

  2. I love watching the first signs of spring popping up from the ground — life renewing itself

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