Summer Break = Creative Wall

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This is my summer's harvest — my three tomato plants in pots are thriving this year.  The tomato plants get the best sun in this spot, however the conundrum is how to keep Zachary from digging up and destroying the plants while he finds a cool spot to wallow in.  That's where the pots come in, and no matter how much I try to discourage him from laying here he won't be deterred, so I just have to work around him.  In addition to the tomato plants, I also planted morning glories in the pots and they have been winding their way up and around everything.  Some of the tomatoes are black on the bottom, and I can't figure out what has caused that.

Anyway, I have hit sort of a creative wall right now, and am just going with it.  Besides I've been staying up WAY too late watching the Olympics.  A few new developments in the world of scrapbooking — Stacy Julian has left Simple Scrapbooks :-(.  I was really beginning to look forward to reading her column every month.  But I do love her Photo Freedom philosophy.  Also, The Scrapbook Club Online (affiliated with Memory Makers Magazine)  is disbanding at the end of 2008.  I have 8 bonus points I need to use.

I have found myself the past couple of weeks wanting something exciting to happen — just SO bored with the same old routine.  I am anxious for the next phase of my life to begin (whatever that is).  I have been feeling stuck in a rut of late, and want to move forward.  Reality check:  (1) be grateful for what you have and where you are right now at this point in your life; (2) be careful what you wish for; and (3) relax, enjoy the journey, you are exactly where you are supposed to be.  I subscribe to Real Simple Magazine, which I thoroughly love pouring over every month.  I was going through their website and found:  Emergency Toolkit for Happiness.  I had to bookmark it.  Sometimes I struggle with being okay with where I am in my life's journey — maybe that's a good thing — something I need to get me moving forward in a more positive direction.  Really, being grateful for where you are/what you  have and the many abundant gifts you have in your life keeps you headed in the right direction (at least I think so) 😉

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