Summer Travel Mini Book



First, take mini file folders, and run adhesive along both sides to create a pocket.  Punch two holes in the top.  (I used eight mini file folders as I am planning an eight day trip).

DSC_7693Take a number stamp and ink it with Versa Mark (a watermark stamp pad).

DSC_7695Press it onto the front of the file folder:

DSC_7697Next, take Opaque White Embossing Powder and sprinkle it over the inked number: 

DSC_7699DSC_7702Shake off the excess back into the jar.

DSC_7703Heat emboss the powder until set (it will become very shiny).  Take care not to hold the heat tool too close to the paper as it may burn.  Complete the steps for all of the numbered file folders.

For the covers, cut out chipboard slightly larger than the file folder (4 1/2” x 6 1/2”).  Paint the chipboard whatever color you like:

DSC_7688When dry, cover with a coat of PVA to seal, and punch two holes in each piece of chipboard that match the holes you punched in the file folders.

Punch out letters out of chipboard with Sizzix (which I did), a Cricut, or hand cut your letters or use chipboard letters.

DSC_7706Cut letters also out of an old road atlas using Sizzix.  Run both the chipboard pieces and map pieces through a Xyron Sticker maker to apply adhesive to both.  Stick the map piece onto the corresponding chipboard piece and adhere to the front cover of the mini album.


DSC_7708Cut out journaling cards and adhere them to the back of the file folders.

DSC_7710When completed, put the mini book, a hole punch and some pens into a plastic bag and carry it in your purse.  Put receipts and other memorabilia into the pockets and for bigger items, punch holes and place it immediately into the mini book.  Make daily notes on the journaling cards attached to the backs of the file folders, and when you get your photos developed, punch holes and add them and your mini book is completed.

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