A photo I printed yesterday in photography class of Ginger sleeping.  Enlarger stats:  F4, Magenta 60 (so it doesn't look flat), and exposure for 11 seconds.  This is my "fill the frame" print for Project #4 — only four more prints to go.  I did develop 2 rolls of 36 exposure film yesterday as well so I should have plenty of prints to choose from.

Lots of fall festivals going on this weekend.  I'm hoping to catch a few, or just take a nice drive somewhere and enjoy the leaves.  I am working diligently on my office and got one big crate full of paperwork cleared out, filed, shreded or recycled.  That feels REALLY good.  I have another big crate to go.  It feels so good when the mental clutter goes away and you can really tackle the physical stuff.  All of that mind body connection.  Powerful stuff.

Whatever you do this weekend, have fun and do something creative.

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