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Thank you so much to my small and loyal group of followers for all of your encouragement.  You keep me going, and writing and publishing everyday (even if you prefer to call rather than publicly comment, it still means just as much ;o) and I'm very grateful.

I took Zachary for a long walk today and saw the wisteria blooming (which so reminds me of the house in Nanjemoy), and I would love to plant some in a container and grow it up and over my pergola on the patio in this house and watch it bloom every spring.  I think I could dig up a plant or two for my own, perhaps in the common unclaimed areas on my daily walks with Zachary.

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  1. Beautiful tree; nature has a way of giving such amazing gifts every day. I was talking to a friend about the week in the life challenge and he suggested it would be neat for a couple to do the week for each other. I thought that was a cool idea and wanted to share it with you :o)

  2. I wish there was a LIKE button! 😉

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