The BIG Fall Clean-Up


The beauty amongst the chaos that is my patio these days:


A beautiful fall day, and time to pay attention to some red flag items here at the house:

The patio is a MESS!  It is a wind tunnel that traps leaves and it is really difficult to keep on top of it while all of the leaves are falling.  But I need to get out there today and make an effort to get it in some semblance of order.  The house plants need to be brought inside for sure today, the patio swept, and all of the mums and purple cone flowers planted.

Next week all of the outdoor wicker furniture will go to storage.

Huge pile of mail that needs to be gone through (I shred everything with my name on it, and sometimes the mail just piles up faster than I can get it shredded).

I haven't kept up with Ali's Yesterday & Today class for the past two weeks, and want to get caught up.

There's a photo exhibit at the college in a couple of weeks and students can enter photos to sell (including digital), so there are definitely some digital prints I'd like to mount and sell.

I also need to get some photos, note cards and mixed media books together to sell on consignment in local shops and maybe even open an Etsy shop at some point.  Lots of options to consider for a girl who needs to generate some income but also wants/needs the flexibility of not having to be somewhere on certain days at certain times.

I need to prepare for a craft class I'm teaching at the college on November 17th.

I have a photo presentation to prepare on photographer Lauren Greenfield (due on Monday in Color Photography).

I need to begin working on the final portfolio project in Color Photography as well.

And I could go on and on because there's lots and lots going on.

Happy, good and busy times.

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