The Business of Starting a Business

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Finally got my business cards!  I'm SO excited by the way they turned out.  There are 50 different photos, so I can give out a business card based on someone's personal interest.  Now it is onto getting my website done, so I am taking an online class from in Dreamweaver and Fireworks to get my site up and running — so the website and e-mail information on my business cards aren't functional yet, but they will be shortly.  I am just going to get a sample of my work on the site and set up the e-mail link and then work on adding more content after the art show next weekend.  Here is the flyer, so if you're local, please stop by!

Gifts from the arts_flyer[1]
I'm really excited to participate in this show, but also trying not to get my hopes up, just take it as it comes and view it more as a learning experience.

I also taking another online class in Headshots and Portraits.  I want to know as much as possible about lighting my subjects properly.

Will continue with the rafting trip diary next week.

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