The Chill in the Air

Inner Harbor 10 11 2009

Inner Harbor, Baltimore, MD, October 11, 2009

This is the photo I processed and submitted for Color Photography Assignment:  Photographing in changing light.  (The black frame around the photo just indicates that the full negative was used, no cropping in the enlarger).

I have several assignments coming up in which I can use some creative license to get the photos I need. I don't want to turn in a technically correct only photograph.  I want my teacher to say WOW, and I want to be WOW photographing it.  I wish I could find something to WOW me to photograph — nothing yet, but keeping my options open.  It's amazing how creative many of the people I go to school with who are quite a bit younger than me.  It just seems to flow right out of them.  What happened to me?  I feel so locked up and uncreative.

I truly think my creativity was stifled for so long working at jobs that didn't fulfill me on any level (even financially it was never enough so that I didn't have to struggle really hard to make it, and I always had a lot of credit card debt) that I am having a really hard time now pulling it out of me — it's like a frozen river that is thawing out really, really slowly.  That's one analogy anyway.

There is a definite chill in the air — yesterday was the nicest day of the week — today in the low 50s and tomorrow and Friday only in the 40s!  I hope this is not a preview of coming attractions (as in a really cold winter).

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