The Contrasts of Life

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This week has me reflecting upon the contrasts of life.  Happiness and sadness, love and loss, contentment and disillusionment.  I think I experienced all of these emotions in one form or another just this week!

There are contrasts in seasons as well.  In the summer I welcome the hummingbirds to my backyard and delightfully photograph them.  Jellyfish in the Chesapeake Bay are also a summer visitor, albeit, not a welcome one to most people.  However, there is something beautiful about them, the way they drift along their tentacles filled with poison to stun its prey, and then consume it.  The cycle of life.

The heat wave has finally broken, and while subtle, the winds will soon shift, beckoning the end of one season while seamlessly transitioning into another.  I want winter to take it's sweet time, I'm in no hurry for the cold.

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