The Day After

8.28ButterflyLRWith all of the chaos from yesterday, I was reminded that life goes on and renews itself.  There was another beautiful butterfly in the castle, which I released.

8.29Kiki in WaitingLRLast night, Kiki was siting by the front door, waiting for Ginger.  This just about breaks my heart all over again.

8.29PawsLRI had this stone in my garden for all the pets I have lost.  It has now found a new home here, where I buried Ginger, in what is going to be known as “Ginger’s Garden.”  I think it is only fitting.

8.29ArtTherapyLRI did a little bit of art therapy in one of my journals today.  It helped me to feel a little better.

8.29ButterflyLRAnother butterfly in the castle today.  I am SO happy that I am home to see all of this marvelous transformation.

8.29Baysox GameLRI went to the last game of the season for the Bowie Baysox this evening.  My friend, Nanette, works there, and I hadn’t been to a game all season.  The Baysox got six runs in the first inning.

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  1. Pat August 30, 2013 at 7:43 am #

    I think Ginger’s garden will be a wonderful tribute to your beloved Ginger. Hugs to you!

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