A Day in Photos

IMG_8818LRSo thankful to FINALLY see the sunshine yesterday after a week of rain.  I put on my walking shoes and took a long walk around my neighborhood.
IMG_8827I startled the seagulls at the pier.


I stopped and took this photo of the sea oats by the Bay.
And this one.

And this guy was fetching tennis balls happily one after the other, even catching them in mid-air.

I miss Zachary.

There is another Labrador Retriever in my future.

Not right now though.


This is why I can’t leave my pumpkins outside unprotected.

Squirrel damage.


My sweet girl, Kiki.  She misses Ginger SO much.  Dexter likes to pick on her, so they don’t bond, but Kiki holds her own.  Love her spirit.  She hardly has any teeth left, but she is still hanging in there.

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