The Hummingbirds Have Returned…

Sorry, for the photo of my blooming knockout rose bushes instead of hummingbirds, but today marks the first day I’ve seen my beauties back.  So for my area the hummingbirds come back at the beginning of May (the same time they did last year).  I’ve had feeders out for a month,and nothing.  Spoiled nectar in the feeders yesterday, cleaned them out and today WOW, saw at least one female at the feeder several times.

There is a lot going on right now, so as much as I wanted to stop and take photos of the hummingbirds, I didn’t.  There are obligations and commitments going on, and one of them was this:

Making a “Clifford the Big Red Dog” birthday card for my nephew, who will be 3.  (I sketched it in from a photo on the internet and colored it in with colored pencils.  Coloring Clifford red was quite a challenge).  I just hope my nephew likes it.  We are going to have a Skype call when he opens my present and card.  I am really looking forward to seeing his reaction.

And finishing up on some other projects, and starting some other ones, such as cleaning up my craft room and office.  Feeling so overwhelmed.

On a positive note, I am attending a “meet the artists” event at Off the Bay Gallery and Gifts tomorrow from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

If you are local, please stop by and say hi.  Would love to see you!

Have a great weekend.

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