The Kindness of People Is Amazing…

01 13 2010There were thunderstorms today, so Mom and I went shopping in the early afternoon, and just like typical South Florida, in a couple of hours it was beautiful and sunny.

Spent a couple of hours sunning by the pool.

Walking back from Publix with Mom, saw a guy rescuing a sick pelican, and stopped to talk to him  Such a kind, gentle soul.  He preforms no kill trapping and release for profit to fund his pelican rescue.  You can tell he just loves these birds.  He says many fishermen hurt these birds because they are competing with them for fish.  These poor birds end up with all kinds of hooks and other junk in their bellies — the pelicans get sick and people call Kenny — the guy who rescues birds "because they need me."  How awesome.

I was too moved to get out the camera and take photos.

Oh well.

Kenny, you are the greatest.

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