The Land Mines in Self Sabotage

I made eggs benedict a while back, including the Hollandaise sauce.  It was seriously TO DIE FOR.  It was that good.  I could have eaten the entire container of Hollandaise sauce with a spoon, and nothing else.

I am a food addict.   There, I said it.  

It is nothing for me to go into the kitchen at 10 or 11 at night and cook something.  I don't always sit down and eat it right then, and sometimes it never gets eaten (and that's the honest truth), but I just have to cook and make stuff, and it's always stuff that isn't figure friendly.  The photo above is a perfect example of one of my late night experiments.  Mac and cheese with heavy cream and half and half and shredded cheddar and broccoli.  I didn't eat any of it, because I felt so guilty.

Tacos and Spanish rice for Cino de Mayo

A margarita to go with my Cinco de Mayo celebration.

This is my weakness:  a French dip from the Killarney House in Edgewater.  My mouth is watering just typing this.

Peanut Butter Pie, my favorite.

Of course, I don't eat like this everyday, but I do eat this kind of stuff way too often.

So, trying and succeeding at doing better, one day at a time.

I have lost weight and am feeling and looking so much better, but still those old demons of unhealthy eating still haunt me, and tempt me, and sometimes it's SO hard to make healthy choices and do the right thing, especially eating out.  

Who wants to eat a grilled chicken breast and a salad when there are decadent fish and chips on the menu?

I realize it's a choice, and something I am determined to do better at.  

Making healthy food choices (even when eating out), and splurging only occassionally.  

That's about the best I can do.

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