The Man and the Shark

imageSunset anywhere in the Keys is a pretty big deal. You don’t have to be in Mallory Square in Key West, with all of the vendors and entertainers to enjoy a superb sunset.

Yesterday, I headed out to view the sunset from the middle Keys. There is a lot of pomp and circumstance here as well regarding the sunset; it’s just not on as grand of a scale as in Key West. There were lots of people on the dock; however, they were watching something a lot more thrilling.

_DSC9597LRA battle between man and shark, very reminiscent of a tale from an Ernest Hemingway novel.

_DSC9598LRThe shark was about five feet long, and I was told it was a bull shark.

I was rooting for the shark.

_DSC9614LRPeople were crowded around talking about how tired the shark was, and the man was gaining ground. He kept reeling in the shark, and the shark kept fighting.

Man had the shark, and he just wanted a photo with the shark and to be able to remove his $8 hook and release the shark.

_DSC9610LRThen man decided to move off the dock and onto land to get a better shot of the shark, while still having the shark on the hook in the shallow water.

The shark was having none of it. It wound its way around pilings, and hid under the dock.

In spite of being hooked through the mouth, and being utterly exhausted, it wasn’t giving up.

_DSC9616LRFinally, after many minutes of trying to wrangle the shark to shore, the shark broke free and swam away, the hook still in its mouth.

I had to stop myself from cheering.

Go shark.

(I was worried that the shark may be permanently injured, but I read that its body will reject the hook.)

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