The Mom Connection

(Photo courtesy of a bouquet of 12 roses for $9.99 at Safeway!)

Mom came to visit for a couple of days.  We live 65 miles apart, which doesn't seem like much until you factor in the Washington Beltway traffic.  (UGH!)  And, there is construction on the entire 495 portion of the Virginia Beltway.  Your timing has to be perfect in order to avoid rush hour traffic and those notorious construction zones blocking various travel lanes during the work week.  So it's not always easy or feasible to plan to get together.

I had a lot of outdoor activities planned for us, and the weather didn't cooperate.  We are going through our second oppressive heat wave (and it's only the beginning of June!).  Temperatures are in the upper 90s with the heat index topping out at 103 or more.  It is just miserable being outside.

So I had to modify our plans a bit, but we did visit the pool and have lunch, and went to Homestead Gardens yesterday and had lunch at the Killarney House (great Irish pub food).  Today Mom had to head back home, but the traffic was really heavy this morning so we went up to the Annapolis Towne Centre and did some shopping at Paper Source, and Anthropologie is having a great sale right now.  We had lunch at Brio, and then came back home so she could hopefully get around the Beltway without dealing with too much traffic.

I am glad my Mom and I get to spend time together now, and I am looking forward to spending more time together with her.  

Another road trip perhaps?  (Discussions are in the works…)

There are times in a woman's life when no one else but your mother will do.  

And, finally, ♥ this quote I saw today from George Bernard Shaw:   

We don't stop playing because we grow old;

we grow old because we stop playing.

I need to remember that quote.

And to everyone in the mid-Atlantic and Northeast, please stay cool.  Relief is on the way (eventually)…

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