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Fairy Sculpture
The Offering.  A silver gelatin print (the official "artist" title for a Black & White print).  I have so many prints that aren't perfect that I have saved — I have the idea to paint some color on some of these imperfect black & white prints.

Sometimes I get so caught up in stupid inertia that I lose sight of the big picture.  The BIG picture for me is the next direction in my life.  Forget what everyone else is doing — what are YOU doing?  (Because that ultimately is the only thing you can control — what you are doing — I can't control Zachary's barking, or Kiki being sick or Dexter eating the artificial Christmas tree (which I've BEGGED him not to do — to no avail).

Interested in what's going on outside my own little bubble to provide inspiration on my next direction — where am I taking my art — my photography — my life?

A good thing to contemplate on the Saturday before Thanksgiving while procrastinating on going outside and using that new leaf blower 😉  (So SICK of blowing, mulching and raking leaves — but just about done).

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