The Photo Tells the Story


What's the story in this photo?

My photography teacher told me that this is one of the first photos she's seen from me that tells a story.  All of my other photos were technically correct and even beautiful, but this one stood out to her as one that tells a story.  That is my goal going forward — what story do I want my photos to tell? There are lots of stories here in rural southern Maryland — lots of old tobacco barns telling their stories, falling down, in various states of disrepair, still standing strong.  No matter what their current state, I want to tell their story, through the lens of my camera.  What secrets will they reveal?


The same barn revealing some of its secrets.

Stay tuned for more stories from the old buildings of Southern Maryland (not all of them old barns), a series of sorts.  BTW, I did not trespass to get any of the photos.

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