The Place Where Art is Everywhere

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I love this sculpture — it is SO whimsical, and SO me.  I have no idea how much it cost, only that I know it is WAY out of my price range.  I am also in love with this sculpture:

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This piece is absolutely stunning.  I visit this sculpture every time I'm in Sedona, AZ, the place where art is everywhere.  I was just here in September, on my way to Flagstaff to meet the rafting group. 

I never really documented the rafting trip, and I think I am going to take time to do that now over the next few days, day by day.  I kept extensive notes on the trip, and captured some amazing photos along the way, which I will also share.  I think right after the trip (which was physcially exhausting, and there was some "rafting drama" as well) I needed a break from the photos and the memories.  Now I am looking back and realizing all that was SO GOOD about this trip down the Colorado River.

On the day I took these photos, (September 12, 2010), I stopped in Sedona on my way to Flagstaff to meet the rafting group at the Holiday Inn Express promptly at 7:00 p.m.  While in Sedona, I did some shopping, ate lunch at the Cowboy Club (a really great place to eat in Sedona), and admired all of the art throughout the town.  I took a scenic drive up 89A to Flagstaff, and right before I reached the Interstate (I-40) I saw a roadside stand featuring Deer and Elk Jerky, but that's not what caused me to stop, it was all of these bears carved out of logs.  I bought one on the spot, and decided to worry later how I was going to get it home to Maryland.

I found the Holiday Inn Express, checked in, and went to eat at Denny's (right at the hotel), and went to meet the rest of the rafting participants, including the photography leader, Gary Ladd.  He showed us many of the stunning images he has captured of the Canyon and other places along the Colorado River.  Gary also gave us the rules of the river, and the river guide, Tim was "God."  The main rule is to take care of yourself in the Canyon — if you get hurt there are no roads or ambulances, you will be airlifted out of there by helicopter. Point taken, very seriously.

Luckily, the meeting ended in time for me to see the season finale of True Blood, which was phenomenal.  Can't wait for Season 4.

Enjoy my last hot shower for awhile.

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