There’s No Place Like Home


I arrived home safe and sound from Houston .  It feels great to be home.  The whole routine of the house gets disrupted when I’m away.  Yesterday, I felt like all I wanted to do is nap.  I feel all out of sorts  — much like a snow globe that’s been shaken (not stirred ;-)) up.  Plus, it’s been REALLY hot here – a major heat wave – temperatures in the upper 90s and over 100 with the heat index.  The heat wave should break today.

In the photo above, you can see what I packed my scrapbooking supplies in for CKU Houston – the navy roll tote and my pink Mimi shoulder bag (which was packed into my BIG suitcase with my clothes).  I still had to send two boxes home from the UPS store in Galveston full of the goodie bag stuff I got at CKU, which should arrive here on Thursday.  All of the projects I made at CKU I packed into my checked luggage, and will be available for preview shortly.  So I’ve been busy unpacking and reflecting upon the CKU experience.  It was fun, although hectic, and since I’ve been through it once, I’ll know what to expect next time (I'd really LOVE to take the Anna Griffin Travel Album Track next time).  BTW, 350 women (and five men) were in attendance at CKU Houston.

I didn’t make it to Tuedsays Time Out this week, but I paid for the class and I spoke with Grace and she said she would hold my kit for me with the instructions.  I am a little spent on sitting down and taking direction:  cut this piece of paper into whatever dimensions and glue it down … I found out I really enjoy sitting down (or standing up) at my project table and following my own flow, good, bad or indifferent.

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