This (Frustrating) Week In The Darkroom

Palm Tree
I did not get a lot done this week in the darkroom as far as producing a lot of prints. I got a lot of prints of the same thing with "issues" specs of dust or hairs on my negatives (which then showed up on my prints), and then after cleaning them other weird stuff was going on, and my answer is to ALWAYS scan the print in and correct in Photoshop 😉  BUT when working with great fiber papers, it's always best to get a really great print, free of lint, dust and random hairs 😉  So here is what this week was about:  (1) Palm tree above;


This cascade waterfall;

Cascade 2.  I think it would be really cool to do a series of B&W waterfalls, and then the same exact photo in color.  Just a thought.

Now onto some cool "test strips" that I found.  In film photography be it black and white or color, you make test strips.  In black and white, you can make a test print out of a much smaller piece of paper, thereby conserving paper. (In color, you have to use an entire sheet of paper, every single time, BIG bummer).

Test Strip 1 


LOVE this one of me and my buddy, circa Fall 2008.  Zachary and I are both smiling and Ginger is sitting in the doorway (not too long before that flea bitten orange kitten (Dexter) came around to steal my heart. 😉  Totally overexposed, and needs to be fixed, but still a great snapshot of a moment in time.

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