This is What Spring Feels Like and Goodbye Trumpeter Swans

Crocuses blooming in my front yard, yesterday there were only a couple, now there are lots. 

It is 64 degrees and sunny.

Want to be outside cleaning up the patio and yard.

Need to walk the dogs.

The landscape guy is coming next week for an estimate on the big yard clean-up and putting down mulch.  My yard and planting beds are just too big for me to do it by myself.  Small house, and huge yard, go figure.

Need to get my storyboard done.

I don't want to be stuck inside next week during spring break working on school stuff.

Sadly, I saw two large flocks of Trumpeter Swans flying north yesterday at sunset communicating while they flew …that is truly an official sign of spring, although I am so sad to see them go.  I'll look for them again come November.

The swans that are slightly gray in color are juveniles. 

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