Three Weeks of Tiny House Living

Three Weeks of Tiny House Living

imageThe Captain and I have been enjoying tiny house living for the past three weeks.  It’s almost as if we are living in an alternate universe.  I really DON’T miss all of the stuff I left behind at the house in Maryland.  (Well, I do miss some stuff, like my shoe collection, desktop Mac, my sewing machine and my art supplies).   However, all of the other stuff, I haven’t even thought about.  Of course, there are things I really do miss about living in the RV, and I have reserved that for another post.

imageI’ve added some minor accessories to make our little home on wheels more like home.  For example, the “backsplash” behind the stove is just a sticker, which was poorly done and has a ton of air pockets.  It looked horrible, at least, to me.

So, I added a backsplash of my own, with Tic Tac Tile, which I ordered from Amazon.  The “tile” is 3-D plastic and self-adhesive.  I cleaned the walls with an all-purpose cleaner, and just peeled back the paper off of the 9″ x 9″ square and stuck it right over the old backsplash.  I had to cut five rows from a second sheet with an X-Acto and a ruler to go all the way to the bottom.  I also had to navigate around the window, and two outlets on the right side, however, I think it looks great.imageWe picked up a cute washable rug to go in front of the stove:

And, this is the rest of the trailer:image image image image imageI added this shoe rack on the back of the door in the bathroom for shoes, and other every day items.  I also added hooks onto the back of the door to hang towels, or other items that needed to be dried. imageThis is the utility closet in the bathroom.  On the other side of the door I put Command hooks that hold the broom and dust pan.

imageWe upgraded our standard RV issued mattress, a short queen, to a sleep number mattress, and I get a much better night’s rest.  (The mattress in our RV is smaller than a regular queen mattress.)image imageI painted a two-sided sign for our campsite, letting folks know where we’re from.

The important thing when living in a tiny house, is to keep everything in its place.  Clutter in such a small space makes everything look messy.

There are so many websites that detail how to organize an RV, so I won’t bother repeating what’s already out there.  Google and Pinterest have all of the information.

Now, I am ready for beach weather, just like the rest of you.

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