To Show or Not to Show?

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I love this hummingbird photo.  He was on a fierce mission to get to the feeder (which I cropped out of the photo).  The look of determination is priceless.

Speaking of photos, the Muddy Creek Artists Guild is having their spring show June 3-5 in Galesville, Maryland.  Applications to be in the show need to be turned in today.  I am on the fence about participating.   I am not sure that I am "Chesapeake Bay" themed enough to sell my work, and I don't want to create work I'm not passionate about in the hopes that someone will buy it.  I sincerely believe the passion you have for your art comes through in your work.

So, it's a Catch 22.

In addition, all of the work has to be new, not previously shown through the Guild.  I made a HUGE investment for the show in December and didn't sell anything.  Now to have to create new work, plus the expense of having things framed is a huge drawback for me.

If I decide to be in the show, I will only have one or two framed pieces and the rest of my work will be matted 8×10 or 5×7 pieces displayed in the art bins.  I do have some beautiful hummingbird photos that might sell (especially in the art bin).

I need to spend some time sorting through my photos, and decide if I want to make the financial investment.

Decisions, decisions, decions…

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  1. You have to go Kathy, your work is Outstanding! It’s not an easy thing, putting yourself out there as an Artist.
    But everyone looking at your work are completely confident you’ll make it. Its like climbing a mountain at time’s….but we have your back..right behind you pushing you up that mighty hill!
    I Love your photos and the Hummingbirds are Outstanding, so please go…we believe in YOU!

  2. Thanks, Teri, for your support and encouragement.

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