Horses: The Color Film Images

Horse 1


My final project in color photography are horses.  Above are two of the five images in color film I have processed.  I love the yellow background in the first image, which are yellow leaves and a very shallow depth of field (thus blurring the background).  We are having an open color lab next Monday until 10:00 p.m., so I should hopefully have my other three images finished.

Kiki, my kitty cat, has to go in for more testing — her blood work is indicating an enlarged liver.  Good luck getting this cat out from under the bed (which is where she has been since coming back from the vet yesterday).  I'm having a friend come over tomorrow with a large dog crate, and we are going to get Kiki out from underneath the bed, take her to the vet for the second round of tests, and then she's going to stay in the dog crate until she's feeling better, and so I can keep an eye on her.  I hope the vet figures out what's wrong with her soon…

Feeling a little of the holiday blues today — here's hoping it doesn't last long.

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