Understanding Mother Nature

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The Blue Angels flew yesterday in celebration of the Naval Academy's Graduation.  I was at the Home Depot in Annapolis and heard them flying.  This photo was from two years ago when I actually went to take pictures.


My one and only surviving chrysalis turned out to be a deformed butterfly — unable to fly. I saw the partially opened casing this morning when I went outside and knew it wasn't a good sign. The same thing happened last year with three other chrysalis,and they died. I helped it out of the casing and wet its wings in the hopes that it would moisten them enough to unfold, but it didn't work. I didn't have the heart to hurt it or leave it for the birds or other insects or hurl it into a spider's web. I have it hidden in a flower pot, and slowly dying. Perhaps I should have just put it out of its misery.  It just breaks my heart.  I hope I have better luck this year with the butterflies — it was such a cool experience last May when they came out of chrysalis so quickly and were flying around the butterfly castle…

Has the cheese finally slipped off my cracker????

And, finally, this one:


whom I have nicknamed "pumpkin pie spice" because he reminds me of pumpkins, and I call all of my pets crazy nicknames anyway — he is CLAMORING to go outside — I mean making it very clear under no uncertain terms that he wants to go out prowling and murdering baby birds, field mice, chipmunks and baby bunnies.  I won't have it.  I can't have it.  The only reason Ginger goes out is because he's 10 and not so much into hunting (except for blind moles — he ate one the other night — it wasn't pretty).  Dexter is less than a year old and he will inflict serious damage on the wildlife population and I am just not going to have it.  He's getting so cleaver — slipping out with Zachary — but I'm on to him….(he's still SO damn cute!)

The battle of the wills has begun…

Update on deformed butterfly:  I checked in the flower pot this morning and just as nature has intended — the deformed butterfly became a meal for the slugs.  :-(  Back to the drawing board…

For those of you that want to read about the successful chrysalis process from last year, read this post

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