Update on My Word for 2009

Klp07102009Serenity copy Another digital page (using Ali Edwards' template) documenting my progress on my word for 2009:  Serenity.  Not so good with the serenity, but going to refocus and do better.

A long shift today at my job away from home, then I'm off for the weekend.  Tomorrow I'm going to Brookside Gardens with a couple of friends to see the Wings of Fancy Butterfly Exhibit.  It's definitely worth going to see  (I went in 2007).  All of the different species of butterflies in their various life cycles. I'm taking the camera, and I know lots and lots of photos.  I am hoping to find my creative mojo out there this weekend.

Sunday I'm baking batches of cookies to send to a friend who is working as a civilian HVAC technician in Iraq.  These cookies are LONG overdue.  His granddaughter is coming over to help me with the cookies, which will be fun.

Enjoy the weekend!

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