Using “the Stuff in My Stash”


I was looking though my many drawers of arts and crafts “stuff” the other day and I realized there were lots of things I haven’t used very much and things I hadn’t used at all.  It’s easier to go for the tried and true – something you’ll know will turn out – it’s risky to try new stuff because you never know the end result.  Even if you see a particular technique demonstrated in a magazine – often times your results are drastically different than in those beautiful color illustrations (and I don’t mean in a good way!)  It’s time for me to step off the ledge and use “the stuff in my stash.”  Although I am more than willing to try new things – I seem to get stuck in a rut all too often – and an adventure into the artistic unknown is just what I need to get my creative juices flowing again.  Just like when I saw the Close to My Heart Liquid Glass – “use to accent, brighten, magnify and add dimension to embellishments and designs” and I had just painted some chipboard letters pink – but they looked flat and uninteresting.  The Liquid Glass added a nice sheen and dimension to the letters (which you really can’t see in the photo).  This wasn’t a huge artistic risk – but a risk nonetheless, and those little risks lead to bigger risks, challenges and ultimately rewards (if you’re willing to wade through all the mistakes along the way).  Have a great artistic weekend (and do something creative)!

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