Vacation is Winding Down

DSC_6969aYesterday, Mom and I headed back to Assateague Island to hopefully get photos of the ponies.  They were out in full force last week when I didn't have my big camera, and today when I was prepared, they were no where to be seen.  The surf was really rough, and the breeze seemed to blow sand in every nook and cranny.  The water was so pretty and blue, though.

 I got out my fisheye and took a couple of photos and also played around with the Lensbaby.

DSC_6973a Mom and I went out to dinner last night as a treat, and had a really low key kind of evening.  Today is our last full day, and I'll be packing up in order to get an early start heading home on Thursday morning.  It's been a great although at times challenging vacation.  I'm glad I was up for it.

Can't wait to see my guys at home and get back to sleeping in my own bed.

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