Waiting for you,Irene.

DSC_7059This is the yellow sky last night, so strange, but just thunderstorms from the west, nothing from what is to come this weekend.  But some boater friends posted something ominous, like seeing yellow skies like this before Katrina.

I am SO unsettled. Ready to jump out of my skin.

I don't like this coming storm.  At all.

I have been feeling SO freaked out by Irene.

Something in my bones, or just the fear I felt from Isabel in 2003.

Of being totally alone, and isolated in the middle of nowhere in the pitch black of night.

The roaring freight train of wind, and rain pounding against my house, as the power left me in total blackness,

Just me and my dogs, Daisy and Zachary.

Both of them gone now.

And living even closer to the water now.

Watching the weather, and Dexter, of course, with no care at all in the world.  Making contingency plans for me and my pets in the event I have to leave the house.

And making plans in the event I stay here.  Making sure the bath tub will hold enough water to flush and provide wash water for several days (I am on a well system, so when the power goes out, I can't flush as the well is connected to my power supply).

Plenty of bottled water as well.

My gas grill has plenty of propane, so I can cook in the event that I need to (if I lose power).

Just hoping for the best, and preparing for the worst.

And hoping Irene stays well to the East!

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