Walking with Zachary

Zachary after the last snow storm in December. 

You know, my guy is 10 years old, and I can't help but think sometimes we don't have a whole lot of good years left.  I can't dwell on that, and when you adopt a big dog like Zachary, you know going in that you only have this small window of 10 to 12 years.  So, the point is to make the best of every single day.  Some days are better than others.  

Zachary LOVES the snow and the cold weather.  Just can't get enough of it.  He'll lay out there in the snow at night by himself until I make him come in.  So, last night, after snowing all day (about 7") and with the snow still gently falling, I took Zachary for a walk in the peace and stillness of the night.  There is something so magical about the snow at night and walking side by side by my buddy.  A memory I will always cherish.  

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