What I Want To Remember About Sunday

imageYesterday was a great day spent out on the water with good friends.

  • Put the jet skis in the water, and then took the big boat out to our little place on a spit in a creek about 20 minutes from Kent Island.
  • My friend, whom I never thought would get on a jet ski, did, and she had a GREAT time 🙂  So proud of her.
  • We beached the jet ski and looked for driftwood, shells and rocks on a little island.
  • Enjoyed a boat picnic.
  • My friend’s husband and son also rode the jet skis and had a great time as well.

I didn’t spend my day taking photos of every moment.

Water and cameras don’t mix very well, although we did find out that dry cases are indeed a very, very good thing for keeping a cell phone dry.

I didn’t take but two photos yesterday of our excursion.  The photo above, and this photo:

imageMy thoughts are so full of joy and spending time with friends.

We  have great memories of the day, with some lessons thrown in for a Captain and his first mate.

Not every moment needs to be documented with a camera (although I am a sucker for a camera moment more than most people).

Sometimes you just need to sit back and enjoy the ride and go with the flow.

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