What I Want to Remember About This House

IMG_5062LRAs of Friday, January 29th, I no longer own this house that was my home for ten and half years.  The house has been vacant for the most part since December of 2014.  Selling the house was a long and tedious process.  I am glad it’s over.  The real estate market has not recovered nearly as much as I had hoped, especially in the market where my house was.   I have come to terms with it, and am ready to move on to a new chapter.

The new owners are a young couple, and they were really excited to buy the house.3_2004 FrontThis is what the house looked like when I bought it, April 9, 2004

What I want to remember:

  • The day I moved in, April 9, 2004, the mail man, Russell, stopped his truck and introduced himself.  He would stop to chat if he saw me outside, and told me about his family (five kids all one year apart).  He would deliver packages to the door step, even though he only had one leg and suffered from debilitating and chronic pain.  Of course, if I was home, I would gladly run out and get the package.
  • 3_2004 Back Yard
  • There was no fence around the property, and it took about six weeks to have the fence built.  At the time I moved in, I had these two guys:

Daisy2004Out of the Water 1I had to fence in the back yard for Daisy and Zachary.  Zachary and Daisy both loved to swim:Swimming 2Passmor-R8-041-19They are both gone now, Daisy passed away on January 15, 2005, and Zachary on September 28, 2010.  I had great times with both of them.  I want to get another labrador retriever sometime in the future.Ginger 4 07 20 05LRI also said goodbye to Ginger, who was killed in the most brutal way by two Samoyeds on August 28, 2013.  The dogs were returned to their owners, and they killed someone else’s cat a year later, and the dogs were again returned to their owners.  Ginger was 13.  He is buried in the back yard.

DSC_0086LRGinger and Kiki really loved each other and would often curl up together.  Kiki has never gotten over losing Ginger._DSC2034LRAnnie is still with me.  She was running around the neighborhood in August of 2009, covered in fleas.  I took her to the vet, and she had a microchip in her. Her owners were contacted numerous times, and they never bothered to come and get her.  She was at the SPCA for three months,and I finally adopted her.  I couldn’t stand seeing her in there anymore.  Annie is a great dog, and she’s a good companion for the Captain’s dog.  I think she was abandoned so much that she won’t let anyone get close to her.  She’s got a forever home with me.Dexter2.9.15One of the best things that ever happened while living at the house, was this guy, Dexter.  I looked back in my blog archives, and I can’t believe I didn’t tell Dexter’s story.  Definitely a post for another day.

6a00e551cf35378833010535baa774970b-800wi6a00e551cf35378833010536d063a9970b-800wi6a00e551cf35378833014e8bc29eed970dThere were lots of good stuff that happened here.  Lots of stuff that you can’t photograph, such as maturing, saying goodbye to some things (cigarettes) and to some people.  I sometimes grieve the loss of some of those people, and wish things had turned out different.

I also said hello to a new life.  I am holding my arms wide open and welcoming all of the good stuff and the challenges into my life.imageThanks for the memories, 1202 Ellicott Avenue.


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