What I’ve Learned in Adobe Illustrator (so far…)


Learning Illustrator (part of the Adobe Creative Suite which also includes Photoshop) is part of my Digital Design Foundations class.  It is also a self-paced class that I signed up for on Jessica Sprague's website.  It teaches you to build your own scrapbooking elements and templates, and has been invaluable for my college course in teaching me the basics of Illustrator.  Going through the self-paced tutorials on Jessica Sprague's website, I created the above very basic template in Illustrator and imported it into Photoshop and added my photos and background paper.  With Carina Gardner's expert instruction, I also created this template:

And then added the photo and other digital elements.  The Illustrator class has been an excellent tutorial in learning how to manipulate digital objects, changing colors, rotating, etc.  I'm a little over half way through, and will most likely finish the class this weekend during this massive snow storm.  Then it's onto recreating three of my stapler drawings in Illustrator which is due on Tuesday. I also have a Photoshop project due on Tuesday as well, so it's probably a good thing it's going to be a stay-in kind of weekend.

The latest weather report is predicting a "crippling" winter storm to begin this afternoon and continue through tomorrow, with the winds becoming northeast 10 to 20 mph today with gusts to 30 mph tonight and tomorrow.  Snow totals of 20 to 28 inches expected.

Thankfully, I have plenty of toilet paper, milk (soy) bread, cat and dog food to ride out the storm.  I have also taken some before photos and will post those with photos of all the snow once it begins in ernest.  So far, just light flurries.

Stay tuned for further updates (unless I lose power, which I really hope doesn't happen)…

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