When Your Baby Is Sick…


Zachary has thrown up at least four times since last night and refuses to eat – which in the Labrador Retriever world is unheard of – food reigns supreme whether it's filet mignon or treats from the litter box – no matter — food is not EVER turned down. He woke me up to go outside and was gone awhile (presumably to eat grass — nature’s own vomiting remedy), and then once back inside and in his bed, he proceeded to throw up again and again and again. Finally, I let him back outside because that’s where he wanted to go, and I was hoping his upset stomach would settle down. When I got up I looked out the window and saw him laying in the flower bed and called to him, and he looked up but didn’t get up. I went outside, and discovered he dug up another one of my clematis vines (big sigh) but I couldn’t get mad at him – he was digging a hole to cool off and get comfortable in – which he managed to do in another flower bed, and hence the muddy nose. He refused his breakfast and I left him outside and went to class – and when I got home, he still wouldn’t eat – not even a piece of chicken breast. My boy is not feeling well at all.

I am hoping it’s something that will just run its course – it’s happened once before when he ate way too many hamburgers and hot dogs at a family cookout. The thing is, he was home with me all day yesterday and I didn’t feed him anything out of the ordinary, and didn’t see him eating anything weird while out in the backyard. Needless to say I have him inside my bedroom in his bed with the door closed (the contractor is here today working on the floors). My bedroom stinks of vomit, and I can’t do anything about it right now – I don’t want to give Zachary a bath on top of him feeling so sick. So this is what you do when someone you love is sick – just deal with it and clean it up and hope for a speedy recovery, especially since he can’t tell me what’s wrong.

The clematis vine is fine — just a little worse for wear and all tucked back into the ground.  I need to get more dog proof fencing — like this:


They are actually individal trellises that I have placed side by side as a type of fencing to keep Zachary out, my plants intact and still have a view.  A nice compromise I would say.  I have some black zip ties to hold them together — I just haven't gotten that far yet.  Now I just have to get a few more trellises to cover the other parts of my flower beds before Mr. Zachary's big paws take their toll on my delicate plants.

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